At the moment, I’m not sure there is anything better in the world than watching the Food Network and eating macaroni and cheese at the same time. Also, I am completely smitten with anything made by the designer line, Marchesa. I don’t remember a dress being literally as breathtaking as a dress I saw on their website. If I end up making my own prom dress, I will most definitely draw inspiration from their dramatic gowns. But for the moment, I really want some pan seared scallops with penne and tomato vodka cream sauce. And a cincoshake from Spot Coffee (the one on Chippewa, not Elmwood. I don’t like the Elmwood location as much cause the couches and abstract art at Chippewa are really awesome. Also, if you go on a Friday or Saturday night, you can watch the clubbers as they move from Quotes to Sub Zero to the Chocolate Bar to Jim’s Steakout [JIMS! I want a steak hoagie! Seriously, its so good! and, if you leave a tip they say THANK YOUUU really loudly.] to Soho, where the Buffalo Sabres have been known to frequent after winning a game. But some of the outfits these girls wear out is like really do you want to get pregnant? But usually I go downtown once a week. Not to get trashed or anything, fake IDs cost a ton. KIDDING. I love the city. If I lived in the middle of nowhere. like 700 miles from the nearest city, I would be SO bored. Plus, Buffalo is a cool place. Like, yeah it has its downfalls, but its great.)